Gloves in A Bottle can be used by you.

Whether you are involved in a commercial or industrial environment right through to at home, Gloves in A Bottle has something for you!

If you want protection from the onslaughts and rigours that daily life places on your skin, then Gloves in A Bottle is for you.

It offers protecting and moisturising qualities whether you suffer skin complaints or not.

Clean ups involving oils, grease and soils are effortless and incorporating Gloves in A Bottle into your daily routine will bring continual protection, healing qualities and moisturising benefits for your skin.

Gloves in A Bottle is not just for your hands. It can be used on your face, elbows, arms, legs, knees and heels.

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Are you at risk?

Always follow manufacturer’s safety directions when handling any harmful substance. Gloves In A Bottle is not a substitute for required safety protection including gloves, but a second line of defence.

  Joinery / Boat Building


Home Prevention: Prevents the absorption through the skin of household chemicals and garden sprays. Alleviates dermatitis caused by the use of household chemicals and detergents.

  Benefits: Hands wash clean easily after gardening and messy chores. No need to wear rubber or gardening gloves. Prevents allergic reactions and dry, cracked skin caused by prolonged contact with household chemicals and detergents.
Joinery / Boat Building Prevention: Protects against the toxic effects of MEK, solvents and epoxy resins.

  Benefits: Prevents dryness, cracking of the skin and dermatitis. Stops the systemic absorption of chemical toxins. No need to apply greasy moisturisers to dry skin. No product residue on fingers to mark materials.
Printing Prevention: Protects against the systemic toxicity of printing inks and chemicals used in the printing process.

  Benefits: Stop skin sensitivity to inks, itching and dermatitis. Prevents ink staining the skin.
Automotive Prevention: Prevent drying and defatting of the skin caused by automotive oil, water/detergent and petrochemicals.

  Benefits: Protects against dryness, cracking of the skin and dermatitis. Excellent for car groomers, panelbeaters, engine transmission builders and spray painters. No greasy handcreams required. Prevents oil staining the hands and nails.
Engineering Prevention: Protects against drying and defatting of the skin caused by diesel calibration fluid, cutting fluids and petrochemicals.

  Benefits: Protects against dryness and dermatitis. Prevents oil staining the hands and nails.
Manufacturing Prevention: Protects against a wide range of chemical toxins.

  Benefits: An aid in preventing the absorption of toxic chemicals, oils, solvents and acids/alkalis. Does not wash off in water. Hands remain dry, not greasy.
Dairying Prevention: Protection against chemical irritants and toxic chemicals.

  Benefits: Protection against chemical, horticultural and environmental irritants and prolonged exposure to water. Virtually undetectable after application. No greasy feel. Hands remain dry, but the product doesn’t wash off in water. No need to wear rubber gloves.
Horticulture Prevention: Protects against toxic sprays and chemicals.

  Benefits: An aid in the prevention of toxic poisoning without the need to wear protective gloves. Can be used on the face to avoid the absorption of chemicals via spray drift.


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