Mr Mark Cantwell
General Cable NZ
Flexibles / Lan Health and Safety Committee Chairman
• I would like to formerly advise you how impressed we are with your product "Gloves In A Bottle"

• We handle many different substances and my experience is based around oil products.

• Several staff members used to suffer rash and dermatitis related problems on their hands.

• They have been using “Gloves In A Bottle” for two years and found it to be fantastic!

• We wouldn't be without "Gloves In A Bottle"

Mr Peter Roper - Director
Auto Refrigeration Centres – Cool Car Air Conditioning Centre
East Tamaki
• We have been using “Gloves In A Bottle” for over one year now and have found that it has lived up to it’s advertising claims.

• We use a number of different solvents, dyes, oils and grease that attack our skin and are difficult to wash away.

• We have found by using “Gloves In A Bottle” each morning not only does the contamination wash off easier but cuts and scratches appear to heal faster.

We certainly use this product daily and recommend it.

Mr Owen Tomkins
Manurewa for Toyota – Toyota Spares Specialists
Manurewa, Auckland

• Working in an automotive dismantling yard my hands come into contact with petrol, grease, oil and cleaning products.

• I have found that using Gloves In A Bottle counter acts the loss of natural oils in my skin and since using “Gloves In A Bottle” my hands are in much better condition.


Style Counsel – Hair Styling professionals
Newmarket, Auckland

•  After sampling “Gloves In A Bottle” we will certainly be keeping a supply in future.

•  Our stylist suffers from chronic dermatitis on her hands and finds that Gloves In A Bottle provides a very effective barrier against moisture when applied regularly.

•   Traditional gloves can’t be worn while shampooing and cutting.

•  “Gloves In A Bottle” is easy to apply and invisible on the hands and an ideal product for use in our salon.


Sue Cairns
Industrial and Promotional Printing Ltd

•  We are involved with pad printing on industrial products and textile screen printing.

•   We come into contact with chemical inks and solvents, turpentine and methylated spirits

•   Despite wearing gloves to reduce contact our hands become dry, uncomfortable and not to mention unattractive to look at.

•  We noticed a considerable improvement when we started to use “Gloves In A Bottle”

•  We apply it in the morning, after lunch and after work.

•  It really has kept our skin softer and more resistant to dryness and itching as well as improving the conditions of our nails.

•  We highly recommend “Gloves In A Bottle” to anyone who requires a hand care product that really works.




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